Personal Training

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, train for a specific event or improve your overall fitness, having a personal trainer will keep you motivated, challenged and on track.

Our qualified trainers will help you work towards specific goals, provide individual support and expert advice, keep you accountable and much more – all working around times that suit you. We see Personal Training as a great way to not only get results but also an ongoing education to equip you with the skills you need to live a sustainable life in health and fitness.

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Train with Heath

As a young enthusiastic personal trainer, Heath has many great qualities that ensure individuals achieve their fitness goals in not only looking good but also feeling great!

Heath focuses on empowering others to form strong connections with their fitness journey, living healthy, feeling happy, able to enjoy life and feel free from restrictions and boundaries.

Whilst promoting the longevity of functional movement, Heath provides a flexible, fun and enjoyable environment in which the health and safety of others is put first.

Heath’s qualifications

  • Cert III/IV Fitness (Personal Training)
  • Master Functional Trainer (FTI)
  • Boxing Skills & Fitness (ACE)

Train with Caroline

Caroline’s career first started as an aerobics instructor for 6 years back in the late 80s, before she returned to fitness as a personal trainer in 2008. After working in a variety of environments, from outdoors, to large gyms and small studios, she developed a passion for strength training (although she did run a couple of half marathons and complete the first Tough Mudder course in NSW.)

Caroline is passionate about teaching good technique and training people holistically, looking at the way you move, your stress and sleep levels etc as these all play a massive part but most of all has a strong belief that training has to be FUN!!!!!

Caroline’s qualifications:

  • Cert III/IV Fitness (Personal Training)
  • Master Functional Trainer (FTI)
  • Punchfit Boxing
  • Menofitness
  • Level 2 Recreational Running Coach (Athletics Australia)
  • Level 1 HIRT (High-Intensity Resistance Training)
  • Powerlifting Fundamentals
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching cert.
Seaside health Personal Trainer - Caroline

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